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I have a question for everyone that was and is still a loyal reader of this special community we built together.

Would you love to see it come back to life? And also, what kind of content would you love to see? Let me know in the comments section below. Or you can directly reach out to https://twitter.com/ibelmopan

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Just updating everyone that we have moved our site to www.ibelmopan.com. Thanks for all the support so far and we hope that we can connect, enjoy and share new material in our new home.

Are these the 10 most useless graduate degrees?

education livingAccording to an article from Yahoo, that I briefly browsed over today, here are the top 10 most useless degrees. If you are currently pursuing one of them, according to Yahoo, you might be wasting your time. Very peculiar if you ask me but you decide whether this is true or not. Obviously the list was picked based on two things (earnings and unemployment rate). What you think?
Here is the list:

#10 Human Resources and Personnel Development

#9 Criminal Justice and Fire Protection

#8 Commercial Art and Graphic Design

#7 Music

#6 Mass Media

#5 Marketing and Market Research

#4 Chemical Engineering

#3 Information Systems

#2 Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration

#1 Language and Drama Education

A new Era for iBelmopan in the Visual Communication galaxy

First of all, I would like to say hello again to those loyal followers and would like to personally apologize for being disconnected from my blog or not keeping it up-to-date. Time has not been on my side due to some important steps that I took in life (family, improving education).

The future looks very crystal clear for our little startup. Thanks to some related training and studying in the field our team has been unfortunately separated for a while but there is a lot of hope for something big. We are discovering that this field has a lot of potential and that a new era will soon emerge and we not only be a simple a small startup but something that improve the lives of all us Belizeans. Your patience might just translate to access to a new knowledge and information learning  portal; that is the motto of iBelmopan.

You might have seen some of our work in the past and if you have any recommendations and ideas for our little blog don't hesitate to share. Combination of small ideas normally sparks big ideas and we are all aware of that. Information is power and we want to give you access to that power. That is our pledge to you but for now some serious and necessary steps need to be taken to improve what we do best; visual communication is the future and so are you. Together we move and we are no more blinded.

Toodles for now until we meet again and we might possibly have some surprises along this journey. Thank you again for your patience.

Facebook Pages and Personal Profiles: What is the Difference?

Belize Social media Facebook

I have seen some confusion amongst business owners when it comes to getting their business on Facebook. They approach it the same way they did when they first signed up for Facebook; they create an account to promote their business

This is not a very good idea and actually is against Facebook policies. You must only have one Facebook personal profile.

More info can be found under Registration and Account Security here.

Here is how Facebook defines Personal accounts and Pages:

Personal accounts:
  • Used to connect with people you know in real life 
  • For individual, non-commercial use 
  • Can connect with other people, join groups or play social games 
“You can create and manage a Facebook Page from your personal account. Please note that only the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity or band is permitted to create a Page.”


“Pages are for businesses, organizations and brands to share their stories and connect with people. Like timelines, you can customize Pages by adding apps, posting stories, hosting events and more. Engage and grow your audience by posting regularly. People who like your Page and their friends will get updates in News Feed.”

Some benefits of creating a Facebook page are:
  • SEO – Your page is indexed by search engines. If you type in Belize Social Media in Google you will find my Facebook page. Try it!
  • You can have unlimited fans. With a personal account you can only have up to 5000 friends.
  • You can have multiple pages.
  • Access to Insights.
Click here for more awesome benefits.

Need help in creating a Facebook page? I would love to help you! Please email me at socialmediaconsultingbz@gmail.com.

About Guest Author: Andrea Rodriguez is a social media consultant in Belize passionate about helping small business owners and mompreneurs get their business online and achieve greater success. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Amazing Belmopan Round-about Statue [Illustration]

Belmopan Roundabout Statue Illustration

Product Name: Belmopan Roundabout Statue Illustration
Product Description: This is an illustration of the statue found by the round-about in Belmopan City. It was done with Adobe Illustrator using a cubism touch. It can be customized to any preferred size or color. It is a limited edition and we can also frame it for you for an additional fee. It makes an excellent gift for those wonderful mothers or friends. Anybody that is seriously interested in purchasing this piece (either digitally or printed) can email us at ibelmopan@gmail.com.

Poster: Belize Social Media Consulting Contest

This is a poster we did for Belize Social Media Consulting for a contest they are promoting on Facebook and Twitter.

This is what they had to say, on Twitter, about the final product:

@BZSocialMedia : "@ibelmopan wow! wow! wow! #speechless absolutely love it! More than I expected! Thanks so much!"

Belize Social Media Consulting Contest Poster

Why Unblocking of VOIP Is Good News For Belize Small Business

Belize Voip

The news broke on April 29th, 2013 that Belize Telemedia will no longer block Voice Over Internet Protocol – ( VOIP ). This is great news for Belizeans at home and abroad, no more costly phone bills!

The Prime Minister said “Of course this ability to now freely access VOIP will further harness the power of the internet, and allow Belizeans to enhance many facets of their lives, particularly in areas such as long distance learning with video-conferencing capabilities, computer to computer conversations with families and friends abroad, and even internet-based television.”

The reason I was excited about the news wasn't just that I could do video chat with family and friends but I was thrilled that small business owners and entrepreneurs can also now tap into an even greater arena!

Imagine a fashion designer from Belize wanting to gain exposure and want to show off her work real time? She can now schedule on line video chat meetings with potential clients; she can offer a “LIVE’ private viewing to a select group of people!

Now one of my favorite methods of video chat is Google + hangout, it is super easy to use. All you need is a gmail address and your contacts. Just the other day I did a Google Hangout with a contact I met on Google+ from South Carolina!

Here are a few ways you can use live video chat for:
  • Host live, face-to-face conference calls with customers, suppliers, etc…; 
  • Announce new products; 
  • Demonstrate product features; 
  • Create a video blog; 
  • Answer customer questions; 
  • Hold internal meetings with employees; 
  • Create training videos; 
  • Conduct interviews with loyal customers; 
  • Offer consultations 
  • Attend webinars 
“Start up costs to a business can be high, and if you’re a young entrepreneur lacking the financial backing of a Fortune 500 company, it’s time you turn to all the technology available, particularly the networking services offered through Google, to save money as you build your business.” Sarah Hill

So take a look at your business and see how you can use the unblocking of VOIP to your benefit.

If you want to know more about Google+ and Google Hangout send me an email at socialmediaconsultingbz@gmail.com.

andrea rodriguezAbout Guest Author: Andrea Rodriguez is the manager/owner of Belize Social Media Consulting

Shop: Belmopan High Quality Vector Map

Product Name: Belmopan City Map
Product Description: This is a high quality vector map of the city of Belmopan. It can be customized to any preferred size or color. It is a limited edition and it can also be purchased along with frame. It makes an excellent gift for those wonderful mothers or friends. It can go on cups, t-shirts, brochures, guides, wallpaper, etc. Anybody that is seriously interested in purchasing this piece (either digitally or printed) can email us at ibelmopan@gmail.com.

Image of the Day: Sensational Vector Art by Martin Sati

Today's images of the day are brought to by design firm Martin Sati. Below you can see some of their amazing work and the use of colors and shapes to illustrate some of the best pieces I have seen in a while. You can check out more of their work here. Truly inspiring if you ask me.

Martin Sati
Martin Sati
Martin Sati


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