Belize Testimony


I learned a lot in Belize-about God, about myself, and about other people. I really learned in Belize that people are not that different. Despite major cultural, linguistic, and other differences, all the people in Belize are just like me because they are all sinners who need God. The team members that I thought were really confident about their faith and confident about themselves had a lot more problems on the inside than I previously thought. In Belize, I realized that I can talk to and communicate with basically any person, even if I think I’m somewhat socially awkward and even if I think I don’t have a lot in common with the person I am talking to, because everyone has a lot in common just by being human. When I prayed for people in English and they prayed in Spanish at the same time, it really did not matter that we didn’t understand each other, what mattered was God.



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