A new fantasy league starts now and rules are better this time. I logged into my profile and picked my team. Obviously I surpassed the limit which is sadly 100 million bucks. I would have to re-pick all over again because at the end of my picks I was owing 43 million and picked to many players from Chelsea which is not allowed by the system.

Players have also gotten expensive with the transfer window going mad this year. If you are fan of football I invite you to join the fantasy premier league game on-line. It is fun, free and it also shows how much you know about the beautiful game. To pay tribute to this awesome on-line game I will open a league special for Belizeans. I will the send the code to your emails and after every fixture I will post an image of the team of the player that got the best points in the league. So leave your emails attached to this post and lets see who the best manager is. Don't forget the winner of the entire league get some awesome prices.



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