How To Add a Twitter Button To Your Site

Adding a twitter button to your website is basically the easiest thing there is to to do. Obviously you need to have a twitter account to start with. If you don't then just visit, build your account and start tweeting. Now that you have an account, you are ready to add a twitter button to your site.

1. After you have created a twitter account and are logged into to your twitter account, you look for the resources link. You will normally find this link on the right panel of your twitter interface. I have displayed a picture below to show you where you can find the resources link.

save image

2. When you click on the resources link you will be redirected to the resources page. Here you will find multiple options of twitter widgets and other resources that you can create. The one we are interested here is the twitter button, so we click on that option on the screen. I have displayed a picture below to show you where you can find this option.

save image
3. When you select the "Tweet Button option" you will be redirected to the following screen:
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4. It is on this screen that you actually build your twitter button that you want to put on your site. You will notice that there are several options to choose from. You can play around with the options and select the button that suits best with your site. The steps are easy to follow once you are already on this part of the website. After customizing and designing your button, copy the html code and paste it anywhere on your website. I would advice that you put this button somewhere that is visible enough for readers to click on it so that they may be able to follow your tweets. Feel free to leave comments below and rate this post. Thanks for reading.



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