In Your Face with Skype Video Chat on Facebook

Facebook Skype Video Chat

Facebook, the number 1 social network, and Skype, the number 1 VOIP, have gotten in bed together. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Skype was being integrated with Facebook to provide video chat to their users. Ever since the upgrade in the chat functions last year there have been rumors about a possible Skype integration.

It is a perfect marriage of social function. Facebook the ultimate social network and Skype video chat, the ultimate in online person to person communication. Of course this announcement rides in on the coat tails of Microsoft announcing the purchase of Skype. Though Facebook is denying that Microsoft's purchase had anything to do with the integration, conspiracy theorists are not buying it. After all buying a company that will grow its network by an additional 750 million members makes it a pretty good investment. Not to mention that Google was a potential buyer for Skype, and you can bet that Zuckerberg would have been unlikely to integrate Skype if Google were the owners. (Technorati).



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