New Fiction Novel set in Belize (British Honduras)

I've written a novel set in Belize (Actually British Honduras 1960's)inspired by the summer I spent there on my father's sailboat. Of course my experience wan't quite this treacherous...

Please check it out if your interested. (via JalexwritesBelizeForum)


“I’ve done it.” I meant to shout but my voice was diminished by the enormity of what I had done. “I’ve won the wager.”
Dante's smile was carnal and merciless.
"Body and soul.” he said. “It has to be body and soul.”

When Isabel Cordova inherits a banana plantation in a wild district of British Honduras, she also inherits a legacy of theft, lies, and terror.
Julian, the man she has loved from childhood is a blind priest, a local legend. Devout and well loved, he is the only man that can save her, but that will require a sacrifice too great for him to bear.
In a world where every man is a commodity and retribution for their actions is doled out by lesser gods, Isabel is drawn into a twisted game of cat and mouse-a deadly wager in which she succumbs to her darker impulses and risks everything in order to win her freedom.

(via Jalexwrites, BelizeForum)



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