All Belize Government Forms [Files]

Belize Police Department
 Application Form for Firearms License

Belize Defense Force
 Application Form to Join the Force

Election & Boundaries
 Notice of Change of Residence or Address

Immigration and Nationality Services
 Belize Passport Application Form
 Visa Application Form

Income Tax
Employee T1 Short Form
Business Tax Return Form Enterable
Payment Of Tax Arrears Form
Gross Contract, PAYE, and Final Withholding Tax Form
 Employer Monthly PAYE Remittance Form
 Business Tax Return Form
 Employee Income Tax Form - T1 Short
 Gross Contract Withholding Form

Ministry of Natural Resources (Lands and Survey)
 Transfer of Land
 Transfer of Lease
 Transfer of Charge
 Lease/Sub-Lease Form
 Application for Certified Copy
 Application for Combine/Sub-Divide Parcels of Land
 Application for First Registration
 Termination of Lease
 Application for Partition
 Transfer of Chargee

Public Service
 Employment Application Form
 Application for Long Leave of Absence
 P23 - Medical Examination Form
 Medical Form P 22
 Performance Appraisal Rpt Form - Mid Year - Support Staff
 Performance Appraisal Rpt Form - End Year - Support Staff
 Performance Appraisal Rpt Form - Mid Year - Management
Performance Appraisal Rpt Form - End Year - Management

Social Security
 Claim Form for Sickness Benefit - SB1
 Request for Salaries Record - SM2

Transport Department
 Application for a Dealer's General License
 Application for an International Driving Permit
 Application for the Renewal of a Driving License
 Application for a Driving Permit
 Application for Duplicate
 Road Service Permit
 Application form for the Registration of a Motor Vehicle or Trailer

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