How To Sign In Multiple Different Google Accounts In Google+

google.comEver wondered how you can sign in multiple Google accounts in Google+? This visual guide is designed to help you with just that. I will use two of my accounts for this example.

1. First go to Google+ and login into your profile. Once you are logged in the fun and easy part starts.

2. When logged in, you click on the settings icon which is on the top right corner of your screen.

3. When you click on that icon a drop menu pops up. Here you select Google+ settings.

4. When you click on Google+ settings you will be directed to the following screen. Here you select Account overview from the left side and then you click on Edit as indicated by the arrow in the picture below.

5. After clicking on Edit you will be directed to the screen below. What you do here is you must select the first option which is "On- Use multiple Google Accounts in the same browser". After selecting that you will have to select all the four options below that. Please read the four checkboxes options before proceeding. After selecting those options you click on Save. After this you will be able to sign in to multiple Google Accounts.

6. After finishing the steps above you are now ready to sign in to other Google accounts that you own. Go to your Google+ profile again and on the top right corner click on your profile icon. A drop down menu will appear and here you select to Switch account.

7. When you click to Switch account another menu will appear. Here you can select to switch between accounts and sign in to another account. If you notice on the picture below I am already signed in to two different accounts. This will make your life easy like it has done for mine. Hope this guide has helped you.



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