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Magic d20 of Destiny [Gadget]

Close that compendium and banish your rules lawyer to the abyss. The ThinkGeek Magic d20 of Destiny is here to solve all of your RPG disputes. Give it a little shake, then turn it up and peer into the invisible 20 to receive your message.

The infinite wisdom of the Magic d20 of Destiny will be a boon to every dungeon dwelling dragon slayer. Quicker than a ritual and more accurate than the village tarot reader, it'll surely bring good luck and laughter wherever it goes. Throw one in your Bag of Holding today.

Product Features:
  • Magical oversized d20 tells the future - or does it?
  • Reminds you of a toy you used as a kid to predict the future
  • Clearly, because it's now D&D-themed, it's way cooler
  • Shake it up, turn it over, and receive your fortune
  • Compatible with all sides of the edition wars (if'n you bother to fight 'em)
  • Solves any and all problems at your game table, guaranteed

Source: ThinkGeek



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