Channel 5 Belize Website Lacks Something Important... [Review]

To quickly introduce myself, I have an addiction in researching and keeping up with the latest news on the internet. I also love to share information with my people while at work because I think that is vital for our survival in this so modern world. I use my email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many other ways to share links of the most interesting and most important news with my friends and co-workers. OK! Enough of the trash talking and down to the point that I want to state in this here article.

I have been a constant News 5 follower for the last couple of years and to be quiet frank it is one of my favourite sites that I visit to crunch on some daily news. They have excellent reporters and they always have news and stories that cover the entire country of Belize. But I have been a little upset and confused about a new security feature they have implemented on their website. This security feature doesn't permit the copying of content and pictures from their site. I understand that they want to protect their site because they have realized that their content has been stolen and republished on other sites. Again for the same reason that their news is very informative and accurate.

I remember clearly a few months ago I was copying and pasting some links from the News 5 website and sharing it with my friends abroad. With this new security feature not even that is possible. Belize is small and they must realize that the rapid sharing of information is very important for the development of our country. I am very upset and very disturbed by this new security feature that I have moved to other sites like Ambergris Today, Amandala, 7 News and other major news corporations in Belize. Unlike News 5 these sites allow the copying of content because at the end of the day that is what matters: The sharing of information. To make things worst I am not even sure if they have a Facebook or a Twitter page where people can follow them. To be the top news provider in Belize I believe this is a must.

This is my opinion and I am sure that I speak for many other concerned Belizeans that are home and abroad. If you have any comments please state them here and don't be afraid to share this article as long as you credit the source.



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