Guatemala is Hit by earthquakes [News]

Three earthquakes shook a major part of Guatemala in less than 90 minutes Monday afternoon, killing at least one person, authorities said.

The largest quake, a 5.8 magnitude, hit at 12:34 p.m., with two of 4.8 magnitude hitting before and after. All were centered in the same area about 30 miles (51 kilometers) southeast of the capital, Guatemala City.

Firefighters confirmed that the temblors, which shook most of the country, caused a landslide on the highway to El Salvador near the epicenter of Cuilapa Santa Rosa that trapped at least one car.

They also confirmed that a 28-year-old woman, Flor Escobar de Jesus, died when a wall collapsed in her house, also in Cuilapa. Firefighters initially had said she was killed in the landslide.

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