Real Estate in Belize [Guide]

Belize real estate belizeIf you are tired and have given up searching for that dream property, look no deeper, Belize offer the best options there are in the real estate world. Belize gives you  the best commodities and friendliest of people. Mother nature can sit right in your backyard if you are a nature person. If you are sea person then there are the thousands of properties being sold along the sea side. The Belizean people are friendly and the different cultures make Belize the beautiful and happy country that it is.

In some countries it is hard to own a property due to long procedures that are required to own a property. Buying a property in Belize is sweet and easy and you don't have to worry about having to wait years to buy your own property.

Again looking for real estate in Belize is fast, easy and beneficial to all no matter the color of skin. So wait no more and start investing good and live life to the fullest.

You can also take a look at this list of five important things you must know before buying property in Belize.

Below are a list of some Real Estate Agencies in Belmopan:

* Belize Property Consultants - Suite # 207 Emporium Bldg,1 Nim Li Punit St, 822-0475
* Belstate Realtors (plus appraisals/other services) - 2 Belize St, 822-2709/ 610-1591
* Chozen Real Estate - 5 Kiskadee Ave, 822-1078
* Riverview Retreat: Banana Bank Assisted Living - 820-2020,669-0244
* RE/MAX Belize Property Center* - 30 Burns Ave, San Ignacio, 824-0550
Arabella Chambers Ltd – Belize Real Estate Services* - Mile 59, Western Highway, Unitedville Village, 824.2161, 669.6689

To help you even further I did a Google search of the top 10 real estate agencies in Belize and here are the results in no specific order.




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