2 Questions; Where is Belize and What is Belize?

Many people are still asking Where is Belize and What is Belize? In fact these are the most searched terms on the Google Search engine when it relates to Belize. Belize is very small in comparison to other countries but magnificent in beauty and other things. I would like to take the time to answer these two questions in simple terms rather than going the extra mile and confusing everyone like other sources do.

Where is Belize? On the map of the world, Belize is the small country located near Guatemala and Mexico. To make things even more easier below is an image since I strongly go by the saying "A picture says a million words".

What is Belize? Belize is a hidden jewel or like they say "Mother nature's best kept secret".

See that wasn't hard to answer. I have answered both question in the simplest of terms and I would like to think that everyone know where Belize is and what is Belize.



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