5 Belize Facebook Pages / Groups you should be following right now [List]

1. Ambergris Today - News with a Positive Attitude. The heartbeat of Ambergris Today shall be the welfare of Ambergris Caye and San Pedro Town, and through our veins shall flow the lifeblood of our community.
2. ibelmopan - iBelmopan is a blog dedicated to provide Belizeans with media, entertainment and news.
3. News.Exchange Magazine - Promoting Everything Belizean.
4. Partie Belize - Entertainment / News (Belize).
5. You know you're Belizean when... - A Belizean group where members post about why they could be considered Belizeans like the name of the group indicates. Members post about their past life, daily events etc...
 It is a very spicy group with over 5000 members.



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