Belize Public and Bank Holidays for 2012

The Government of Belize Press Office sent out a press release informing about the Public and Bank holidays for 2012. Below is the list of holidays in a table format.

Day              Date                          Occasion
Monday        January 2nd                New Year’s Day (in lieu of Sunday, 1st January)
Monday        March 12th                 National Heroes and Benefactors Day (in lieu of Friday, 9th March)
Friday           April 6th                     Good Friday
Saturday       April 7th                     Holy Saturday
Monday        April 9th                     Easter Monday
Tuesday        May 1st                      Labour Day
Monday        May 21st                    Sovereign’s Day/Commonwealth Day (in lieu of Thurs, 24th May)
Monday        September 10th          St. George’s Caye Day
Friday           September 21st           Independence Day
Monday        October 15th              Pan American Day (in lieu of Friday, 12th October)
Monday        November 19th          Garifuna Settlement Day
Tuesday        December 25th          Christmas Day
Wednesday   December 26th          Boxing Day


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