Civil War artifact search leads UNH student to Belize [News]

The New Hampshire, an independent newspaper at the University of New Hampshire, write about a civil war artifact search that leads a UNH student to Belize.
The hot, Central American sun beat down on their necks. Sifting through the plowed earth, they diligently searched for a piece of history left behind. Hours were spent looking through archives; preparing, learning, waiting for the moment of hands-on, practical use.

They found something, an old map with the words “McRae Works” penciled on the front. Two more maps accompanied it. A history had been discovered that was closer to home than anyone had expected.
A few months ago, John DeGennaro was sitting in class learning about archeological methods, and now he has helped discover the homestead of a Confederate soldier who fled to Belize after the Civil War.
In the spring of 2011, DeGennaro, now a sophomore, and assistant professor of archeology Eleanor Harrison-Buck collaborated with the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research and the Research Experience and Apprenticeship Program to create a project that incorporated both classroom and hands-on learning at an archeological site.
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