E-Government for Belize; A must have!!!

Belize e-government

We all know that technology is rapidly revolutionizing our world and the way we live. We also know that technology is the future and soon everything will be done through machines. We all know this but do the governing body, of our beloved Belize, know this? Do they have a plan? These are the questions that pop in my head everyday and every minute. Are we prepared for the future?

When it comes to technology I consider Belize to be poor just like we are in other areas. It is important that the Government make a move now while they still have time. Belize isn't going anywhere if Technology is not taken seriously. For now, I have nothing more to say; E-Government is the way!!!

E-Government - it's an idea that's been given a lot of lip service over the years, but the grand concept has enjoyed very little real world application. And so, anyone who wants to get anything done - has to surrender to the tyranny of the bureaucracy, endless forms and mountains paperwork.
But a consultant from Singapore is in-country is here to talk about re-engineering that whole process and dismantling the tyranny. He is hosting a workshop on Communications Technology for Public Sector Reform, at the Belize Biltmore Plaza - and he told us about
Would E-Government Eliminate Need For "Minister's Signature" [7newsbelize.com]

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