John Briceno And The PUP Millionaire’s Club [Politics]

Last night we told you about the testy public exchange between former PUP Leader Said Musa and current leader John Briceno. It happened at Saturday's National Party Council Meeting at BES in Belize City. As we reported, Musa called out Briceno's leadership for always crying that it's broke and asked where is the PUP going?
Briceno fired back - talking about PUP millionaires with offshore accounts who needed to bring their money and help the opposition. Last night, he downplayed the extraordinary, frontal assault, saying he wasn't singling out anyone.
But, really, he was. 7news has obtained a copy of the speech, which was aired live on Vibes Radio - and we've excerpted the 45 seconds or so in which he lashed out at so - called PUP millionaires:
"First of all I agree with the former party leader where he said that we can't continue to use the issue about money as an excuse but I want to ask where are those millionaires, those people that made millions of dollars over the 10 years when we were in government? Where are those people that benefitted and made millions? I could give you all names, but I won't call out names. They need to write out checks; they need to bring money back to the PUP! Money so we can run our People's United Party. That money does not belong in foreign bank accounts! Bring it here, so we could fight once again and we could take down Barrow and the UDP!"
We probably don't need to say it, but the speech is extraordinary for two reasons: first it sort of officially confirms corruption; that there were those who privately profited and benefitted from the PUP's last term of office.
Second, it shows Briceno at stark odds with key players in his party, it demonstrates growing impatience with the old guard and growing fatigue with the party's being broke.
Whether this will push to some sort of tipping point or be just another awkward period of dis-ease between factions of the party remains to be seen. We do know that a national executive meeting has been called for this Friday.
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