UDP Government latest corruption scandal [Politics]

Western Belize Happenings, a news blog of Belize, write on the latest corruption scandal by the red and white (UDP)

Five points for each LEGAL ACT they violated, in the case of the recent furor at St. Georges Caye. Government surveyors apparently for the LANDS DEPARTMENT, shown on local TV cutting down the mangroves behind St. Georges Caye with a chain saw.
The Government Lands Department and by extension, the mafia CABINET are guilty of CORRUPTION. The spot they wish to prepare for dredging and development is a PROTECTED AREA under MANGROVE LEGISLATION. It is also a prime nursery spot for channeling lobster that feed between the Barrier reef, St. Georges Caye, Seargants Caye and down to Water Caye. These sea grass flats inside the shallow reef are one of the prime producing lobster trapping grounds of the fishing industry. It will wipe out for sure, the St. Georges Caye lobster fishermen with sediment on the grass flats. Maybe they can sue the government for compensation? A lifetime of production costs, per fisherman, based on past three years of marine produce sold to the cooperative?
The VILLAGE COUNCIL ACT stipulates the MINISTER has to get the approval of the St. Georges Caye Village Council. So, they are in violation of this act. It is argued by lower echelon bureaucrats that MINISTERS DISCRETION clauses allow the Minister of Lands and the corrupt UDP CABINET to do so. Shame when you have to pay money as private citizens or a Village Council to lawyers, to take the CABINET to court to try cases, that should be self evident.
The area of St. Georges Caye is also a WORLD HERITAGE SITE. This is illegal with that standing Mr. Searle, the St. Georges Caye Chairman of the Village Council says.
Apparently SOMEBODY, probably private with political connections ( backsheesh? with shares in the company as under the table donations, or cash to Minister´s chauffer as a cutout in MAFIA parlance. ) The Village Council says nobody in government will tell them anything about the proposed development of 31 real estate lots to be filled in by dredging and who is behind it. A marina is planned also for that small lagoon about 4 feet deep, behind the village and surrounded by the mangroves.
Be interesting to see how this one goes? There is no doubt this is corruption by the UDP? So loss of points on their approval rating. There is a right way and legal way to do these things. This is the wrong way.




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