Why was British driver offered $5m to race from the back of the grid around lethally fast 225mph Indy circuit before fatal smash?

The famous British driver, Dan Wheldon, 33, died in what people say was a race to death.

Serious safety questions were being raised today after it emerged that the British IndyCar champion killed in a 225mph smash had been offered a $5million incentive to race from the back.
As tributes poured in to Dan Wheldon, it was also revealed that the 33-year-old was among of group of drivers who had voiced concerns about the speed of cars and the cramped conditions on the track.
The father-of-two suffered horrendous injuries after his car hit another vehicle at breakneck speeds in the Las Vegas Indy 300. He was catapulted helplessly into the air before landing on a barrier and suffering fatal injuries.
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