World News link roundup

>> 'I killed Gaddafi', claims Libyan rebel as most graphic video yet of dictator being beaten emerges

>> TVs, fridges and fishing boats: How TWENTY MILLION tons of Japan tsunami debris is closing in on Hawaii

>> Sweet tooth, sweet tooth personality: Why a fondness for chocolate helps you have a bright personality

>> Father furious after video of pupils, 14, having sex in school goes viral

>> How the Komodo Dragon can kill a buffalo... with a bite less powerful than a pussycat

>> Netflix to launch internet TV and film streaming service in the UK early next year

>> Frantic search for survivors continues as 239 killed and more than 1,300 injured after buildings collapse in Turkish earthquake

>> Privacy-protecting Facebook Disconnect app is downloaded 152,000 times

>> How distant dwarf planet 'Snow White' went from a water world to a frozen 'sleep'



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