Belize soon to sign the UNESCO Convention against doping in sport [Sports News]

Belize set to sign the UNESCO Convention against doping in sport.
The UNESCO Convention against doping in sport - introduced to promote the prevention of and the fight against doping - has already been signed by 162 countries, with Belize and Bhutan set to add their signatures soon.
However, the WADA insists this is not enough and urged governments to do their bit by adopting laws to prohibit the traffic of doping products, which can be easily obtained via the internet.
"The traffic of steroids is more lucrative than the traffic of heroin. This is a public health issue," insisted Howman.
National and regional anti-doping agencies have been introduced across all five continents and programs have been brought in to individual sporting federations, but Howman says the whole system must take a look at itself.
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