Belize's Own Bob Bounahra at the World Series of Poker held in Rio, Vegas

After the long wait, on Noverber 6th 2011, Belize's own Bob Bounahra was featured in the Final Table of the World Series of poker held at the Rio, Las Vegas. Bounahra, the only amateur in the final table, gave everyone something to talk about. His personality combined with a unique style of playing earned him a well deserved 7th Place as in now considered one of the best in this region of the world. 

Belizeans from all over went to the Rio to support Bob to make him feel like he was at home. Every hand Bounahra played was followed by a loud cheer from the Belizean stand in the crowd.
Bounahra was eliminated on the 67th hand played at the final table. Nonetheless, Bounahra could certainly take great pride in what was a remarkable accomplishment. He collected his biggest poker payout ever, $1,314,097 for seventh place. This marked only his second time to cash in a WSOP event, following an in-the-money finish three years ago. Had Bounahra managed to win, he would have become the first Central American poker champion in history. He thus joins Humberto Brenes (Costa Rica) as the only player in history to make it to the Main Event finale from that region of the world.
Bob is certainly number one in Belize and he made us all proud of his great accomplishment. The last three players will return to the same stage at the Rio on Tuesday, November 8, with the final stage of poker’s world championship starting at 5:30pm.

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