Earth Science Photo of the Day...!!! 18/11/11

Upper and Lower Falls at Yosemite National Park:
PhotographerCindy Todd 
Summary AuthorCindy Todd 

The photo above showing Yosemite Falls was taken from the Four Mile Trail in Yosemite National Park, California. These inspiring falls are among the tallest in the world and considered to be the highest measured falls in North America. The height from top to bottom (top of Upper Falls to base of Lower Falls) is 2,425 ft (740 m) -- the Upper Falls plummets 1,430 ft (436 m) and the Lower Falls tumbles 320 ft (98 m) with 675 ft (206 m) of cascades between them. Four Mile Trail is actually about 4.6 mi (7.4 km) each way from Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point. Though not exceptionally long, the elevation change is approximately 3,200 ft (975 m). Yosemite National Park was designated aWorld Heritage Site in 1984. Photo taken on October 8, 2011.


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