How to Create a Google+ Page in 6 easy steps [How to]

Since the introduction of Google+ to the web earlier this year, they have added a couple of new features but one I was very interested too see was that of the Google+ pages. This feature is out now and is very easy to use.

My intention here is to guide you on how to create a Google+ Page in 6 easy steps and that is what I will do.

1. To get started, sign in to your Google+ account and then click on Create a Google+ page as indicated by the arrow in the example below. You would more than likely will find this option on the right pane of your Google+ profile.

2. You now have to select which category your business fits into. Below are the categories that you get to pick from.

  • Local Business or Place: Suitable for: hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services
  • Product or Brand: Suitable for: apparel, cars, electronics, financial services
  • Company, Institution or Organization: Suitable for: companies, institutions, organizations, non-profits
  • Arts, Entertainments or Sports: Suitable for: films, TV, music, books, sports, shows
  • Other: Suitable if your business doesn't fit into another category 

3. After you have selected a category you fill in the information asked by the forms. Each category asks for different information. In the example below I have selected to create a Product or Brand and those are the fields that I must fill in. First up is the Page name followed by the Website URL. You are also asked to select what type of site you are creating a page for. You must also specify who your audience is. Then you agree on the terms and click on Create and you are almost there.

4. On the next screen you must enter the 10 words that describe your page best and you can also select a  profile photo for your brand here. 

5. In the next step Google offers you the ability to tell your personal Google+ circles about your new business page.

6. And you're done! From here you're good to go with your brand new Google+ business page.

On your new welcome page, Google generates a link to your Plus page. You can also get a Google+ button for your site.

It's now up to you to start adding people to circles and get posting. Do enjoy!

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