New Book by Canadian Millionaire: "Business and Retirement Guide to Belize"

In the Jewel, a Canandian millionaire by the name of Bob Dhillon releases a new book about How to Retire in Belize.
He's billed as a self-made Canadian business success story. Bob Dhillon worked out of his car selling homes at the age of nineteen and by 22 had become a millionaire! In Belize he is said to own real estate on San Pedro, worth millions of dollars. But today, he was selling a book he co-authored: called "Business and Retirement Guide to Belize."
Bob Dhillon, author
"I've combine this with a retirement guide then what happens when you come here. What does a condo cost in San Pedro? What are the opportunities in businesses? A retirement guide is one or two chapters but there are also other chapters; what's the next step; what's the fourth stem. It's like every aspect of Belizean investment is in this book."
It was unlike most other book launches. This one was held in a somewhat casual setting with an informal and healthy exchange between author and audience.

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