Six of the Fourteen world's most violent countries are found in Latin America; Belize is included

With the ridiculous increase of violent acts in Belize the past few years, we are now in the list of the fourteen most violent countries in the world, believe it or not.
“A fourth of all violent deaths took place in 14 countries” points out the report which is based on stats dating back to 2009 and six of those countries belong to Latin America: El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala and Belize.
In these countries organized armed groups linked to drug trafficking cause mayor disasters in the area.
“This also proves that the majority of countries suffering from violent deaths are not at war”, said Keith Krause, Professor from the International and Development Studies Centre in Geneva IUHEID which participated in the elaboration of the document.
Iraq, Jamaica, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Lesotho, Centro African Republic, Sudan and the Democratic republic of Congo, complete the list of most violent 14 countries.
Six our of fourteen of the world’s most violent countries are in Latin America []



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