Earth Science Photo Of The Day..!! 14/12/2011

       Volcanic Sunrise at San Eduardo del Mar, Argentina

PhotographerLuis ArgerichLuis's Web site 
Summary AuthorLuis ArgerichJim Foster

The photo above showing an arresting sunrise and a lone piece of eroded basalt (about 20 in or 0.5 m in diameter) on a sandy beach was taken at San Eduardo del Mar, Argentina. Puyehue Volcano in Chile has been belching ashdustand sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere since June 2011, producing interesting sunrise and sunset effects across southern South America and elsewhere in the Southern Hemisphere. Particles injected into the atmosphere during volcanic eruptions, when combined with the longer path length of sunlight when the Sun is near the horizon, often create vivid twilight skies, but only if the volcanic plume reaches the stratosphere.

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