Earth Science Photo Of The Day..!! 3/01/2012

Spanish Fork Peak and Utah Lake

PhotographerRay Boren 
Summary AuthorRay BorenJim Foster

After a fresh snowfall in mid autumn, Spanish Fork Peak casts intriguing reflections upon calm, fresh-water Utah Lake. Afternoon sunlight is illuminating the wintry west-facing slopes of the Wasatch Mountains, a western range of the Rocky Mountains. The Sun (behind the camera) is beginning to disappear behind incoming clouds. In the foreground, the near shore of Utah Lake has just fallen under the cloud shadow. The elongated dark and lightreflections result from the angle of the Sun to the horizon and to the fact that ripples in water tend to wash out horizontal features but not vertical ones. This effect is somewhat analogous to glitter patches -- the Sun's image is smeared vertically into a vertical path. 


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