Say No to Oil Drilling In Belize

Belize Black Friday – Say No to Oil Drilling In Belize

Join the Cause!
This Friday, January 27, 2011, the Belize Coalition is calling “Belize’s Black Friday.” The Coalition is asking all Belizeans to wear black to show their support for the offshore oil referendum and their right to vote and vote to say no to oil exploration in Belize’s OFFSHORE and in its Protected Areas.
Oil exploration in Belize’s offshore brings too much risk to Belize’s economy, environment and culture. Show your support for the right to vote in the offshore referendum and say NO to oil exploration in Belize.
WEAR BLACK this FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2012, record a short video(s) showcasing your solidarity and support to "No" Oil exploration in Belize's offshore and in its offshore protected areas! Send them to The Belize Coalition at Email: and they will create a collage.
 Belize's Black Friday – Say No to Oil Drilling In Belize



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