An Artist created intricate sculptures from leftovers of old Computer parts [Arts]

Unique approach: Artist Steven Rodrig has created a host of intricate sculptures using just spare computer parts including these high heels
In the detail: The spine of this circuit board animal's back marks it out as a lizard A pair of sandals: Mr Rodrig experimented for almost a year with various glues and tools to perfect his method  Creepy crawly: A spider made out of circuit boards still cuts a ominous figure

An Artist gets creative and turn what looks like leftover computers parts  into some exotic pieces. I like the spider piece very much. It takes a lot of time and talent to come up with these pieces.
Steven Rodrig, 48, spent a year perfecting his technique, using hand tools to shape the solid green circuit boards and piece them together.

He has now created everything from spiders, flies, turtles to a toilet, pair of shoes and even a bra.
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