Belize included in Major International Drugs Operation

The Royal Navy in the Caribbean will participate in a major international drugs operation called "Operation Martillo", led by U.S. forces.

About 80 percent of the cocaine that arrives in the U.S. is transported by sea. In such operations in 2011 was119,000 pounds of cocaine intercepted, worth $ 2.35 billion in the U.S. market.

The Royal Navy in the Caribbean maintains a close cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement organization. Netherlands is largely involved in the planning for this operation.

The Navy will deploy floating units for an indefinite period. The Coast Guard participates in Caribbean by deploying the patrol plane DASH 8 and provides assistance to protect the Kingdom waters.

On Operation Martillo do also Belize, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Great Britain, Guatemala,Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Spain.
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