Belize - A Jewel Indeed

I have been surfing the internet a lot these past few days and I have read some very nice articles posted about Belize. Some mentioning the wonders of Belize and how beautiful the country is. This morning I came across a very descriptive article, on the Sacramento Bee website, entitled "Secret Hotspot Revealed - Belize". They talk about how Belize is becoming widely known for romance, adventure and charming luxury hotels.

Belize HotelsMINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- While many Caribbean destinations are famous for their expansive all-inclusive luxury resorts, Belize is better-known for its small and charming luxury hotels and resorts. In fact, 99% of the properties are classified as boutique and offer travelers a romantic escape without the large luxury resort crowds.

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Belize has surprises at every turn. With over 40% of the habitat protected, few places offer the unique blend of ancient Maya culture, pristine jungles, natural beaches, the world's second largest barrier reef and an array of wildlife on land and in the water.

Luxury travelers find it's very comfortable traveling to Belize. Located on the Caribbean Sea, Belize is a quick 2-3 hour flight from many airports including Miami, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Charlotte. English is the main language spoken, the US Dollar is widely accepted and Belize observes the US Central Time Zone. There's nothing like having some of the simple comforts of home, while gaining experiences that could only be found in Belize.

"Belize has so much to offer," said Jim Bendt, President of Travel Beyond, a 36-year-old, US-based, travel consultancy specializing in luxury travel. "One minute you'll feel like Indiana Jonesexploring ancient Maya pyramids and the next you'll be sipping a local Belikin beer on the beach of a luxury hotel. Our clients love the diversity of culture, food and activities."

For travelers looking for a romantic escape or honeymoon, Travel Beyond has designed more than 50 luxury hotel tours to Belize including many romance & honeymoon packages. For visitors desiring a more personal touch, Travel Beyond consultants have traveled extensively throughout Belize. They have insider access to design special honeymoon moments such as: reserving time at a private waterfall, sharing an intimate champagne lunch on an ancient Maya pyramid high above the jungle canopy, or enjoying a sunset sail to Caye Caulker for a romantic dinner and dancing.

After a visit to Belize, travelers will be sure to understand why the locals call their country "The Jewel."

How to get there? Contact Travel Beyond to design your honeymoon or luxury hotel vacation to Belize.

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