Channel 5's KTV Latino Season 3 [TV]

"The hottest show in the land", as Channel 5 like to call it, is back this year. This is the third season of the unique karaoke competition and it promises to be even more exciting than the last ones. After auditioning a total of about fifty (50) competitors only twenty-two 22 made it through the first cut.

It’s finally here; the first live show of KTV Latino Season Three. We showed you the auditions by almost fifty singers from across the country and only twenty-two of them have made it through the first cut. But they haven’t secured a spot just yet. Tonight those twenty-two hopefuls will face a live audience and the panel of judges in one more challenge to prove that they deserve a spot on the hottest talent competition. Only fourteen will move on to compete for the grand prize of ten thousand dollars. It’s a night of performances you won’t want to miss, but first here’s a look back at some of the auditions. It’s not too soon to choose your favorite.
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