Google Doodle: Heinrich Rudolf Hertz

Today's Google doodle is in honor of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.
Where has Google's logo disappear to? The search engine giant swapped out its regular banner Wednesday for a Google doodle in honor of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. The German physicist – whose work is crucial to television, radio, and Wi-Fi – would have turned 155 today.

Like many of Google's best doodles, this wave logo holds a double meaning. Sure, it winks at Hertz's history in electromagnetism (we'll explain all of that in a moment). But the undulating curves also hide a message, one you may never notice unless you take the time to look.

The waves form a repeating pattern: There's a large blue curve, followed by a shallow red, shallow yellow, deep blue, skinny green, and one final yellow curve. Those lines match the general shape of Google's traditional logo: Uppercase blue G, small Os, a lowercase g, a skinny green L, and a yellow e. It's not the most difficult code to decipher, but Google's doodle serves as a lovely metaphor for Hertz's work.

Namely, Hertz earned his fame by discovering what had always been there.
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