Star Wars Xbox 360 bundle and Kinect game to launch on April [Tech]

I gotta say it-- this is off the hook.
Microsoft's limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360 console and Kinect will launch on April 3rd, alongside Kinect Star Wars in a special bundle. Microsoft had originally planned to introduce the game and console in November of last year for the holiday season, but both were delayed for unspecified reasons. The new console features an R2-D2 design and C-3PO style controllers, and Microsoft has even bundled in a white Kinect accessory to accompany it. Custom sounds for power on and tray ejected are also present to link up with the new blue power LED.
Microsoft unveiled new additions to the delayed game today within a Jedi Destiny Mode. Space battles, speeder bikes and landspeeders, new duels, and a special dance off mode (with unlockable C-3PO) are all now included in the Kinect Star Wars game. The bundle is available for pre-order at Amazon, priced at $449.
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