Top 10 searches for Belize in Google [Study]

The rising interest of Belize on the web has increased tremendously over the last few years. If you must know I am a surf maniac and as such I look for the latest news and trends on the web. I read hundred of articles, that relate to Belize, everyday. What I am noticing is that Belize has become a topic of interest for a lot of news media houses because they know of the tremendous tourism growth of Belize over the past few years. Records show that Belize has become one of the prime destinations for tourist, so more than likely it has become a popular search on the web. This has attracted writers from all over the world to write about Belize.

As a web marketer it has interested me to know what the top ten searches are, in Google's search engine, for the term "Belize". In order to find  this out I went and did some research using the popular Google's Insight For Search. This Google tool gave me a better understanding of what people are searching for in the web with relation to Belize. I am not sure how accurate the information is but it sounds quiet legit to me.

I have provided some screenshots of my results below.

The above result show the regions that are mostly interested in Belize. As you can see Jamaica is the most interested and Panama is the least interested.

The above result shows the top ten rising searches for the term "Belize".

The above shows the top ten searches for all time of the term "Belize"



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