Website Review of the Day: Ambergris Today

Everyday that I search on the internet I find a hundred and more new websites. Some of these websites are tremendously good and some are just receiving an average amount of traffic. But I am not here to talk about how much traffic they get everyday. I am here to give my honest review of these websites taking into consideration  their design, content, speed, creativity, navigation and many other aspects that makes that website unique and addictive to us, the followers.

To start this section of my blog I would like to give the special honor to one of my favorite Belizean websites -- Ambergris Today. I have literally fallen in love with this website and I don't know what it is that brings me to it everyday. 

Ambergris Today is an exceptional news source for the Ambergris Caye and the entire country of Belize. They provide us with up-to-date news, coverage of local events as well as other international events. Ambergris Today is what we, living in the urban, like to call "Slick". 

Site Name: Ambergris Today

Category: News

Site Design:

Site Speed:


Site Content: 
Overall Rating:

Observations and Recommendations: Like I mentioned already I absolutely love this website and visit it everyday that I could but there is something that I have a problem with and that is the navigation. Whenever I want to go back and see an old article I have a hard time finding it and it leads me to using the search button. Maybe there is a way to doing so easily but I wish there was a more easier way to navigate through old and new articles. I am crazy about the Feature Slider they have on the front page-- it fits perfectly on the site. Apart from that, the site is awesome and by the way they have excellent writers. I am a huge fan!

That is it for now but I would like you guys to come back and lookout for some more reviews or if you have a site you want us to review submit it here and we will gladly work on it.



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