What to give your partner for Valentine's day

To be honest I don't even know what to give her. Some flowers and chocolate? Nah! That is old fashioned. Some lingerie? A Valentines's gift basket? Some jewelry? A Bottle of wine? A dinner for two? I still can't decide what to give her. For all you Belmopanese here are some shops you might want to check for some gift ideas.

>> Art Box Handicrafts, Gifts, and Souvenirs - 46 mls Western Hwy, 822-2233
>> Celis Gift Shop – 7 Temash St, 822-2830
>> First Choice Variety Gift Store – Ending of Blue Creek St, 822-1541
>> Hibiscus Gift Shop – Market Square, 822-1418
>> T&J Boutique and Gift Shop – 13 Market Square, 822-2412
>> Vi's Unique Florist Arrangements – 1907 Constitution Drive, 802-0258, 802-0668, 623-7728



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