Why Belize is the perfect spot to spend a Valentine's Day [Event]

Not only do Belize provide most amazing tropical scenes but it also have Chocolate also know as the "food of love". A combination of both can send you into what I like to call  the  "Ultimate Love Blast".
Chocolate, long referred to in Belize as “the food of the gods”, is also known as the food of love, and features prominently during Chaa Creek’s Valentine’s Month of Love celebrations, according to the eco resort’s food and beverage manager Bryony Fleming.

“Chocolate is an iconic Belizean staple, having been grown, processed and consumed in Belize for thousands of years and known as ‘the food of the gods’, and people won’t be surprised to hear that chocolate’s reputation as the food of love also stretches back through history,” Ms Fleming said.

Although Mesoamerican people such as the Maya and Aztecs had been enjoying a beverage made from roasted cacao beans called xocoatl for millennia, it wasn’t brought to the attention of the rest of the world until after the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s, who observed the Aztecs drinking chocolatl, a beverage they believed conferred wisdom.

When Hernando Cortes recorded in 1519 that Montezuma would down several goblets of the foamy chocolatl drink before entering his harem, chocolate’s reputation as an aphrodisiac spread worldwide, and that legacy that is still alive and well in St Valentine’s Day gifts today.
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