FYI: Metal Bands Per 100,000 in Belize

Are you into metal music? Are Belizeans into metal music? Do we have any metal bands that exist currently in Belize?

I found this study that was done to illustrate which countries have the most Metal Bands per 100,000 persons and it caught my attention.

Encyclopedia Metalium, a website that has a database of all the metal bands that exist in the world, indicate that Belize has one registered metal band with the name Bestial Lust. Pretty Interesting isn't it?

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Romel Villanueva said...

Dear iBelmopan I am an old metalhead from Belize and would like to express myself and my concern, Belize metal community does not recognise Bestial Lust to have been a Black Metal band from Belize at that time. Lastfm shows a picture of three metal dudes prob. of Eur. descent. A report has been filed to the metal archives and it is under investigation. Since you are a Belmopan based website and that band is listed from Belmopan it all surprises us. Our most prominent metal artist at this time Andy Chuc from Lasher Zombie, Kill The Whore, Lisergia, Flames Of Apocalypse and Hanal Pixan. He is the first. Other young metal bands from Bze. are Death Suppressor, Ascenthium and In Bloom.
This mistake has all started with one website posting this band as from Belize and all others were to follow as Bestial Lust is a split-up band and not much is known of them.


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