Google Doodle: Akira Yoshizawa

The Google homepage today depicts the familiar blue, red, yellow and green logo in delicately folded origami shapes – an homage to a Japanese artist named Akira Yoshizawa, who would have turned 101 today.

So who was Yoshizawa, exactly? Only the grandfather of modern origami.

"Folders the world over acknowledge Akira Yoshizawa, a gentle and rather impoverished but contented origami artist, as the greatest now living," the New York Timesnoted in 1958, when Yoshizawa was in his forties. Born in 1911, Yoshizawa worked in a factory as a young man, helping to draft machined tools. When it came time to teach geometry to a crop of new recruits, Yoshizawa turned to origami, an art he remembered fondly from his childhood.

Akira Yoshizawa: The grandfather of modern origami



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