Hickatee Turtle is scarce in Belize

hickatee turtle in Belize
I was listening to the radio the other day and one of the announcement, in specific, caught my attention -- it talked about the rarity of the Hickatee turtle, also know as Central American river turtle, in Belize. The announcement also mentioned that hickatee turtles are hunted a lot in Belize mainly because of the delicacy of its meat.
As Katie Stevens says, hickatee is a much-prized food and a traditional Easter meal in Belize. It is on the IUCN red-list - meaning that it is critically endangered.

Only limited legislation protects the hickatee in Belize, with a 1 month closed season, no trading of hickatee meat, and a maximum of 3 allowed to be caught per person.

We have teamed up with TIDE for their 'Hicatee Project', designing a poster and schools presentation. Their children's educational programme begins in the New Year, looking at the reasons for the hickatee's decline, what can be done to reverse the trend, and urging families to 'save it for Easter'.
As a huge supporter of the conservation of the flora and fauna in Belize, I feel the need to cry out to everyone, the message, that the hickatee turtles are rapidly becoming rare throughout all Central America and not only in Belize.

To be honest, I have not seen a live hickatee turtle but from what I hear of these harmless creatures, I have come to love this animal so much that I have it as my wallpaper on my desktop and mobile phone.

Now you might think that there is not much we can do for the survival of this animal, if we have not actually seen one. But as a strong believer there is always something that we can do to help.

You can do your part by spreading the message that the Hickatee turtle has become a Critically Endangered Species over time and that if we continue to hunt for their meat, that one day, they might just disappear of the face of the earth.

You can text your friend, post it on your Facebook status, a tweet -- I am just saying  that the more the word gets spread out the more people know about the scarcity of these creatures.

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