Introducing the D-Can Camera [Concept]

Of all the crazy concepts I have seen on the web this is by far my favorite. Jean-michel Bonnemoy talks about how traditional cameras all have the same "roll in the back" design and how his concept changes the whole perspective of cameras.

The D-Can Camera design is intented to reduce the volume of the device but at the same time keep all the functionality and controls that professional photographers are accustomed to. His idea states that camera are designed and built wrongly. If this were to be true then why are we so connected and in love with these gadgets that we are too blind to care about the design of it? The reality is that the more sophisticated the design of the camera is, the more we like it. There is a lot of work that has to be done about this concept but if Jean is right he is about to revolutionize the camera industry.

For now we wait but if the D-Can makes an impact on the camera industry I would not be surprised.

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