UDP Wins 2012 Elections [Results]

The 2012 Elections Results are in and I must say that this was one of the most exciting elections our country has ever witnessed. Everybody was tense as they awaited the official results.

Neither the UDP nor the PUP felt like they had the upper hand on the other. The battle was immense but at the end the United Democratic came out victorious once more. The UDP won 17 (50.37%) seats from the 31 available while the PUP won 14 (47.54%). Although the UDP won they were quiet shocked of the results because they didn't expect a strong come back from the PUP after the massive win back in 2008.
United Democratic Party64,97650.3717
People's United Party61,32947.5414
People's National Party8280.64
Vision Inspired by the People3820.30
Total valid votes128,999100.0031
Invalid votes1,259
Total votes cast (turnout 73.16%)130,258
Registered voters178,054
Table From The Wikipedia

Below are the final results from the Elections and Boundaries Department:



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