Who Will Win Belize's 2012 Municipal and General Elections?

On March 7, 2012, Belize will host both its new Municipal and General Elections. This leads me to the big question: Who will win Belize's 2012 Municipal and General Elections?

From north to south and east to west all I see is blue and red and nothing more. As the United Democratic Party (UDP) and the People's United Party (PUP) strongly show their colors, the Belizean community once again prepare to elect their new leader.

Who will win an elections is not something we can predict in a flash. The election process is tedious and one that requires time an effort. If I can recall of the results of the 2008 General Elections, the United Democratic Party delivered very impressive numbers. Will they repeat those numbers this year? Will there be a new Government? Approximately five years have passed and like time, people also change. These days you never know who is red or who is blue and that is what makes the elections so exciting.

Nobody knows who will win the elections of 2012 but from what I have heard on the streets, this year's elections results promises to show some surprises and perhaps none at all. You have the word, you have the right and you will decide who will win on that day. So everyone come out tomorrow to your polling station and let your voice be heard.

I wish everyone a safe Elections Day and that may God Bless us all.



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