10 Reasons Why Belize Has Become the Center Of Attention in the 21 Century [Slide Show]

If you know a little about Belize you will be able to answer the following questions with ease -- How big is Belize? Name the capital of Belize? Where exactly is Belize located? I know the answers to those questions because I was born here -- "I Mek Ya" like Maria Sharp's habanero pepper sauce.

But a couple years back if you asked an outsider these same questions -- a quick "I have no clue" was their response. Ridiculous right? But it is true! That was the era when Belize was overlooked and no one was interested in it. Like people...time have changed and our country has become somewhat...VIRAL!...so to speak -- like that "Charlie Bit Me" video on YouTube.

Suddenly, the earth has spun out of orbit and Belize is at the epicenter of it all. But how can a small third world country like Belize become so popular overnight? -- you might ask. Without babbling any further, here are the reasons why.



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