10 Things You Shouldn't do at the National Agriculture & Trade Show 2012 [Tips]

Everyone is excited about the National Agriculture & Trade Show for this year. With the alarming increase in crime rate, there is a lot that worries me; As a concerned citizen of this beautiful country, I would like to leave you with a list of 10 things you should avoid when being at the National Agriculture & Trade Show.

1. Don't drink and pass out anywhere -- you might just get robbed from your belongings without even knowing.
2. Don't bring along all your money --  many people go to the show grounds for the fun so with that in mind it is a good idea to only take a percentage of your money in order to avoid wasting it all.
3. Don't walk alone at night time -- most of the trouble caused in the show occur during the night time. So watch out.
4. Don't drink alcohol and drive -- this should be the first in this list and we all know why.
5. Don't gamble -- we all work hard for our monies so don't throw it away in gambling. Buy your friend an ice cream or invite them for a ride.
6. Don't stay in the sun too long -- you don't want your nose to look like fried pork skin (chicharon) come Monday right do you? Stay away from the sun as much as you can.
7. Don't leave kids unattended -- this goes to all the parents.
8. Don't misplace wallet/purse -- thieves are always lurking especially in these types of events. Always keep an eye on your money. A good thing to do is to check every now and then that your money ins't missing.
9. If you get lost, don't panic, just ask someone for help -- don't ask the Hitler bearded guy ok!
10. Don't look for trouble -- trouble can also come looking for you but try to avoid it as much as possible

Now that I have given you my tips I feel more relaxed. Do enjoy your weekend and have a happy Labour day as well.



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