Belize Telemedia Limited 2012 E-Directory [Link]

Belize Telemedia Limited, Belize's top tele-communications company, has now launched their new 2012 online telephone directory. On the front page they feature the Maya Deer Dance as a tribute to the Mayan culture of Belize.
For centuries, the Mayas have looked forward to 2012 as an important time for rebirth, reflections and renewal as one cosmic cycle ends and another begins. 2012 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in acknowledging the beauty of one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world, while celebrating the future with a culture that has been successfully predicting it for centuries.

This year’s cover gives a rare look into the vibrant and mysterious Maya Deer Dance. This spiritual dance, although ancient, tells a tale that is important to societies, even today, as it focuses a great deal on the significant relationship between humanity and nature. This dance is sacred and is performed only on special occasions mostly by the Q’eqchi Maya.

On the cover page along with the Maya Deer Dancer, four tabs are available with little detail of what is inside the book. The cover picture of the Maya Deer Dance was photographed by Telemedia’s PR Representative, Ms. Denise Vanzie at the Julian Cho School in Toledo.

Other sections that compliment the directory include the time zone map, hurricane page, kiddie’s page, The Belizean Calendar of Events, and a special on Belize’s Cultural Arts pages which provides readers with highlights and insight into some of our country’s rich cultural arts.

Belize Telemedia Limited prints over 70,000 copies of the directory and is given to all customers in the country and also distributed worldwide. For the convenience and satisfaction of customers, aside from the full-size directory, a mini directory has been printed for DigiCell Premier Customers.



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