Chrome's Balls Droppings Experiment [Interesting]

ball dropping

Take a break from what you are doing right now and take a look a this new Chrome experiment for a change.The Ball Droppings experiment is a site that allows you to draw lines as balls are dropping at a certain gravitational pull. When the ball bounces on the lines they produce sounds. You can either reduce or increase the rate that the balls are dropping and also the gravity.
Balldroppings was one night of idle programming that blew up unexpectedly into a web phenomenon. I learned that simplicity is elegant, and C++ is wonderful for low-latency sound+image. I also learned about addiction and glucose metabolism rate highs. Although I do not accredit myself for having originated the idea of interactive lines with bouncing balls, there exists a small following in the online gaming community that gives me such credit, particularly when accusing one another of having copied me in their recent developments. BallDroppings has also been re-implemented in other languages by random people, referencing the name "BallDroppings." All this activity is very surprising to me. It is also a clear example of the great power resulting from refraining to mark intellectual property. A lot of people mistook BallDroppings to be my graduate thesis. I don't try to correct this misunderstanding.
It is a fun experiment and you can try it by clicking on this link



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